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Vicki       Vicki Perryman cultivated her accounting and financial management skills in the trenches of small business ownership.
       She began her first business in 1983, with $1,000 in savings and built it with sweat equity.   With rapid growth, she quickly  averaged gross sales of $750,000 a year, with 13 employees.
         With this rapid growth, she discovered, that not having an effective accounting system, and a working knowledge of financial management skills was a prelude to disaster.
         Mining the knowledge of numerous CPAs, Bankers, and Financial Specialists, she became proficient in the financial management skills necessary to facilitate healthy growth, and financially successful companies.
         Ms. Perryman consults with several hundred business owners each year . She has been conducting training seminars in small business management skills for 20 years.
         Clients, and attendees of the seminars, agree that what differentiates Ms. Perryman's instruction is her unique understanding of the challenges of day to day operations of small business, and her ability to explain advanced financial concepts in simple, easy to apply terms, with understandable, realistic,  financial applications,
         If you would like financial management assistance or training please place your request on the  "Contact Us" page and we will contact you soon!
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