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"Vicki's ability to talk to all levels of experience from beginners to experienced users. This was as excellent opportunity...Thank-you!" 
Pam Nelson, Butte-Glen Medical Society

"Not just Quickbooks skills, but extremely helpful information to business owners. Amazing financial advice & useful tips. Vicki was wonderful!"
Barb Reuss, Cornerstone Physical Therapy

"Exceptionally fast-paced, informative, timely, worthwhile. Vicki is very intelligient, knowledgeable; but, what I really enjoyed was her wonderful sense of humor!"
Elisabeth Wood, Lizzy's Hay, Feed, and Tack, and Iowa City Ranch

"Teaches in the working man's/hard knocks way. Hands on experience. Learned more this way than reading any book !!! "
Michael B. Cogan, Attorney at Law

"Vicki spoke in simple enough terms to understand, yet with thoroughness and completeness. She made the time go very quickly. Vicki was extremely supportive of everyone's questions/concerns."
Carla Fritzler, Mark D. Fritzler, MD

'Very well presented. I have been teaching QuickBooks for 5 years and I learned new concepts. I particularly liked the accounting basics."
Ryan Sale, Sale Family Orchards

"Very relevant, very applicable. I can use this stuff immediately. she explained everthing clearly and in a "do-able" manner."
Maria Russell, Building a Better Business  

"The program leader's knowledge about accounting and QuickBooks was extensive. She presented the importance of accounting concepts as it applies to "real life" business and made several good points to consider when starting your business."
Kathleen Robertson, Dibble Creek Candles

"Extremely comprehensive and focus to detail. Dynamic and thorough speaker!"
Beverly Macy, Johanson, Koons, & Constantine Law Firm, and Courthouse Property Management

"Vicki was very knowledgeable with individual corporations- Her knowledge of fraud was very interesting."
Marcia Allen, Gary P Allen, CPA

"I was expecting to be bored w/material, but instructor kept it lively and informing."
Jackie Nordin, Snow Mountain Spring Water

"Very clear; concise; patient; answered questions clearly; moved quickly; covered tons of info. EXCELLENT !! "
Carol Roos, Dr. Erick Roos, DDS

"She is very easy to follow along with, has a great sense of humor, complimented with good story telling examples."
Kimberly Query, Directline Technologies 

"Great descriptions of program functions that made it easier to understand. Obviously Vicki is supreme in her field!"
Erin Worth, Design-Simple Consulting

"The presentation was not only interesting and informative but also covered such a wide range of topics very effectively. The accounting basics were especially informative and useful to me... My time was very well spent".
Judy Pringle, Sherwood Investments

"Presented in "lingo" that was understandable-everyday examples were used, which made it easier to apply what was learned."
Tammy Henside, Another Whim

"I like the way Vicki gave a clear overview prior to explaining QuickBooks. Delivery was extremely well organized, effective, informative, and interesting, A++."
Carole Thomas, Roden & Fields Skin Care

"The way the presentation was organized & presented,  I like how she explained "Why" we keep books at a high level, and then showed "how to" in detail."
Stephanie Koenig, D.A. Spangler Forms

"The presentation and the program content. Vicki has a wealth of knowledge and was great at giving examples for specific applications- excellent teacher."
Connie Hendrickson, Hendrickson's Turlock Music

"her presentation gave the why's and what for's, not just the how's"
LuGene Robbins, Little Ceasers

"Provided info from A-Z.  Went through all areas which made it informative to everyone.  I was able to pick-up shortcuts by going through each application."
Regina Houchin, Ag Center, A. Rodriquez & Son

"Vicki's delivery & presentation; Obviously extremely knowledgeable on the subject matter. She remained centered and quickly paced, Interesting & Dynamic, Absolutely worth the time spent."
Cindy Dupee, Erick Nielson Enterprises, Inc.

"Very informative. Good review of Basic Accounting Principles. I enjoyed the class & learned a lot !  Thank-you "
S. Diane Nahlen, HR Pro's Payroll/ Bookkeeping Services

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